Tortell Poltrona, our universal clown, presents a fast-paced show packed with sketches that have gone down in history. A compilation of the finest numbers in Tortell Poltrona's rich repertoire.
After several years apart, two siblings meet in the place where they grew up together and where all their memories are stored: the patio of their old home. In this space - magical for them - they will remember games, rediscover emotions, recall songs, whistles, laughter...... And they will return to the circus ring in which they shared so many unforgettable moments.
"I have woven without chronological coherence to establish a place for play, to tell a tale without a story, to make circus without prowess. I want to share this space of transit and sojourn with you, persist in the pleasure of emotion, learning and experimenting in freedom."  Marcel Escolano
Mirando a Yukali
Mirando a Yukali is a poetic show, half realistic, half absurd, down-to-earth yet symbolic. It's an open reflection about ourselves and the place where we live: the Earth. Inspired by an unexplored or destroyed wilderness and the indigenous people of the Amazon, and reflecting a truly human, personal relationship.
After years of research in the world of entertainment, this show could be defined as the alchemy between the theatre and the circus. Two clowns blend different elements to create surprising moments. A highly imaginative show featuring magical turns and surprising juggling numbers.
L'home que perdia els botons
A street show featuring circus techniques, making the pole just another character in the cast. Man and pole establish a dialogue that shows us the complexity and the simplicity of life's paths. Man seeks his path.
A show about the life cycle in they key of clown. Going round, with the audience spread out over 360º, like the world, like cycles... To be performed in the street or indoor venues. Time passes and the world still goes round, even though we sometimes try to stop it.
The Flamingo's
Los Herrerita present The Flamingo's are back, for the first time... Finally, after a lifetime of presenting the circus all over the world, The Flamingo's are coming back for the first time: ridiculous, rancid, outdated and of dubious good taste. Despite their experience, not only are they unable to spot true talent, but they are keen on keeping it hidden. Agreements and disagreements will make it so, as things unfold, the performance doesn't come to a halt and that's it...or is it?
Soy la otra. La diva
Love and death. Lack of roots, like a house or a place to call home. The search for happiness and immediate results. Love within uncertainty. The loneliness of the stage.  All of this, in a unique concert-performance featuring poetry, music and acrobatics.
Llenties i Marabú
Ludmila and Alfonso, two crazy characters with the fairground in their blood, welcome spectators to this small travelling circus theatre, where tenderness and danger live together. Come into the poetical world of gravity, give your imagination free rein. You are now in the clutches of pure emotion.
Efecte Doppler
After long discussions about the curve of space-time and the particle spin, we decided to create a circus show that would defy the laws of physics. This carefully-crafted production combines various circus techniques, including juggling and acrobatics.
A burlesque cradle and Chinese pole performance. Looking for the ideal partner, handsome Tony will choose a “poor volunteer” to make his craziest dreams come true. Aerial cradle or Chinese pole, everything is possible in seductive Tony’s arms! An astonishing theatrical and aerial performance mixing humour, extravagance and sensations to a disco beat.
Little by little, the factory fell asleep. But Toti was still there, looking to see where everyone had gone. He was dragging a bag of rubbish that tied him to those times. Toti, a fly and a soul trapped in the movement of the machines were the only survivors of a time that had gone by.
Atempo is a musical drawing, an unreal space, a no-man's-land in which four characters meet. There, they share fragments from two realities, one everyday, the other magical. They know each other... but they do not remember. Music will be the key to communication amongst them.
Devoris causa
A show steeped in the human-animal, circus and cannibal-greengrocer poetry of the three main characters in the story. Nothing is easy and nothing is what it seems. Everything is pure fiction of reality and everything is reality in fiction.
El petit circ
The Little Circus is a show for children set in a circus atmosphere. The music plays, and the artistes in the circus ring show their skills, conducted by Mery, a really funny clown who, through songs and humour, helps us to understand certain words and expressions.
karoli l'Home Roda
Karoli, the Wheel Man An incombustible character. Professor Karoli travels around inside his motor driven single wheel, combining his wit and talent with a variety of stunt wheels, tall unicycles that have legs and feet, miniature bikes that are only 30, 20 and 10cm high and monocycles with 5 wheels. Karoli demonstrates his passion for wheels with this daring show. A visual family show suitable for all ages. More information
Foto: Dragos Dumitru / FITS Festival - Rumania
"Upside Down" is born from ours experiences of two circus artists from Argentina. The roots of each one are revealed on the stage. The game of the human relations and their experiences makes the story. Two souls having their own existential crisis together. Dedication and persistence like a driving force to continue. Our interaction is thought to maintain harmony and influence everything within it. Femenine and masculine... Fears and one choice : to face them or not...
8 minuts hand to hand show.
More than 30 years ago they were the Kings of the scenarios. They were the clowns leading one off the beast circuses of the moment, the main number of the show!! And now, they are the show!! After 30 years later, now, there are only these two clowns alone. So they have to make all the characters: acrobats, waiters of track, hand-balancers, teather ushers... Two old friends who (once more) will do the beast they know, to make have fun and surprise the audience.