Nacho Ricci

Nacho Ricci Argentinian circus artist trained in aerial rope, he grow up in México where he meet  circus, at 23 years old he finished his circus study in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently he lives in Barcelona

“As one of the figures of the aerial rope”

In his carrer he participed in th e "35º Festival Mundial de Cirque de Demain” taking the special jury prize with his act  
“Aquí, ahora”. 

Others fstivals like El Grec and Mercè in Barcelona, Trapezi in Reus (Cataluña),  Periplo and Ficho in Guadalajara (México), Polo Circo in Argentina, have built his career until define his work like “lpoetry”

Now Nacho is at forefront of aerial rope, performing his work around the world