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Los Galindos

Los Galindos was formed in 1991 by a group of artists specialising in circus and street theatre. From the start, the company pursued a project of research and search for their own style, in which circus techniques are at the service of dramatic interplay. Pioneers in the use of flying trapeze acts in street circus shows, Los Galindos erupted onto the national scene in 1992 before going on to conquer the world. Technical training and retraining has led them to work and exchange experiences with many professionals who also love their trade, working with such masters as Rogelio Rivel, Joan Armengol, Jean Palacy, Geza Trajes and Michel Dallaire. The vitality and generous nature of their shows ensures that they always connect with audiences of all ages and cultures, surprising them with their entertaining stunts, reminding them of their childhood, moving and making them laugh. The clown grows as the company matures. Enthusiasm, study and risk are their driving force, restless movement their most outstanding characteristic.


    Marcel Escolano i Bet Garrell