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24th Circ d'Hivern - Sopa or on with the wind



"Soup or on with the wind" is a circus performance which casts a tragi-comic gaze over a series of Christmas dinners within the same family, from generation to generation, and at the traditions, habits, absences, life experiences and memories that make us who we are.

Year after year at the same table, by the same window, the same recipe, the same tree, the same carols, the same wind outside.

As the meals unfold at a pace in keeping with the season, we see a reflection of ourselves in this unfamiliar family.

"Soup" is the fruit of a collective creative process which has been forged throughout 2019, with residencies at L'Estruch, La Central del Circ, and the Ateneu Popular theatre, featuring five performers - Agnès Sales, Gines Belchi, Gwenn Buczkowski, Marta Camuffi and Mila Martínez - and six distinct disciplines - cloud swing, tight rope, hair hang, acrobatics, trapeze, and flow acrobatics including break dance.




    Marcel Vidal i Marine Fourteau




    Vertical Rope, Static Trapeze , Other aerial acrobatics, Floor acrobatics, Other genres, Dance, Drama,


    For all audiences







  • CAST

    Direction: Marcel Vidal and Marine Fourteau // Performers: Agnès Sales, Gines Belchi, Gwenn Buczkowski, Marta Camuffi, Mila Martínez // Sound design: Théo Godefroid // Wardrobe: Anaĩs Clarté // Stage design: Betty Cau // Light design: Adrià Pinar

    A Bidó de Nou Barris production.

    With support from: the Catalan Ministry of Culture, the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB), and INAEM


    70 min




    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Auditorium performance Suitable for all audiences Duration: 1 hour Set-up: beginning 1 day prior to the function (estimated time: set-up 14 hours / disassembly 2 hours) Crew: o Cast: 5 people o Technical team: 3 people (sound technician, lighting technician, rigger) Production with bifrontal design (stage at the centre of the room, with the audience at either side) We can also offer a frontal version of the production, and ask that you send us your technical specifications and a room floor plan in order to make the appropriate adaptations. Bifrontal stage area · Stage area: 9.50 x 7.50 · Secure passageway 12m, see diagram · Minimum height: 6m · Stage: smooth, hard, flat horizontal surface, preferably wood Should it not be possible to install 2 truss beams, we will install the trapeze to the main fixture (centring the truss on the stage). Stage design o Material provided by us o White linoleum 7.2 x 9.5 o Artificial grass o Array of props (table, chairs, furniture, television etc.) o Truss beams to hang overhead items (cloud swing, vertical rope, hoist, fixed trapeze) o Slings, cables and turnbuckles to hang and anchor truss beams Rigging / Circus equipment o Material provided by us o Truss beams to hang overhead items (cloud swing, vertical rope, hoist, fixed trapeze) o Slings, cables and turnbuckles to hang and anchor truss beams o Circus equipment, ropes and rigging materials o To be provided by the theatre o Grid access o 4 suspension points on grid with maximum working load of 1,000 kg o 8 points on walls or fly gallery with maximum working load of 500 kg o 1 point on stage for hoist, maximum working load 500 kg Machinery and black box o Depending on available space, the installation of a structure or leg for the performers' stage entrances and exits Sound o Material provided by us: o 1 wireless microphone (within stage telephone) o 1 Shure SM 58 microphone with cable leading to the stage o Computer and sound card o To be provided by the theatre: o Sound system suitable for the auditorium o Sound desk with a minimum of 16 line-ins and 4 line-outs o 2 monitors (one on each side of the stage) o 2 clip-on or headband wireless microphones (to be incorporated into the set design) o 2 ambient microphones (AKG 391 or similar) Lighting Please find attached a generic lighting layout which corresponds to the setup at the Ateneu Popular 9 Barris. Adaptations can be made in accordance with the performance space. ·Material provided by us: · 1 Martin RUSH PAR ZOOM 2 · Filters · To be provided by the theatre: · Spotlight for stage deployment · Appropriate dimmers and moveable LED wash spotlight (preferably Martin Rush MH6) · Cables to reach dimmer · Cables for lights · DMX on console + on stage for smoke machines and RUSH · HAZER BASE PRO smoke machine · Stands for 2 ground spotlights + medium-height microphone stand for Martin Rush Par Zoom 2 Set-up, disassembly and rehearsals The lighting, rigging, sound and stage set-up will be carried out the day before the first performance. If this is not possible, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will make the necessary alternative arrangements. Additional requirements o Parking space for two vans o Dressing rooms with: tables, chairs, press, toilets and showers for 8 people o Mineral water for 8 people, during set-up, performances, and disassembly NOTE FOR STAGE MANAGER We are able to adapt the performance according to the space provided: don't hesitate to get in touch We ask that the theatre's technical team send a counter-rider confirming the availability of the required material. CONTACT ATENEU POPULAR 9 BARRIS c/.Portlligat 11-15 - 08042 Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 353 95 16 http://www.ateneu9b.net Guillem Pizarro produccio@ateneu9b.net 659 84 65 20 pdf


    Concepte sonor: Théo Godefroid // Vestuari: Anaïs Clarté // Escenografia: Betty Cau // Disseny d’il·luminació: Adrià Pinar