Mechanical movements based on natural models, articulated beasts that surprise due to their natural quality and give off a feeling of life that contrasts with the materials used to make them. The group encourages visitors to engage with their installations through sensors that interact with the animals, creating a human-machine language. Entertainment and fun in an atmosphere infused with science fiction and surprises due to the emotions generated. These are the key goals for this company as its members create unique organic movements.
No Barriers Exist Among Audiences Through the Magic of Visual Comedy...WELCOME TO THE GROMIC'S WORLD! Comic, inspired by the magic's world and the clown's arts
My creations are an infinit re-interpretation of the circle.    Reaching to narrative threads with simple, necessary, and intuitive physical actions released from any inmediate commitment of translation.  By using the intimate and personal matter, the relation I have with circus arts, my vision of the world, without the need to wear the fuzzy skin of a character or the obligation to tell a story or facts, I feel that I must deliver a live experience, a ritual, where all sahdows of reason are banned. 
CAMILO CLOWN +33 769495235 Turin, Italia 26/07/1975
Duo Laos is composed of Mercedes and Pablo. These two Argentine artists are dedicated to perform a hand to hand acrobatic duo. Both sharing the passion for this discipline of circus that combines strength, flexibility and precision. Duo Laos has performed in various international stages, offering a quality and style show looking for the excitement and surprise of the viewer.
The company PSiRC was founded in March of 2011. It's the embodiment of what is inside of each of its members, is a dream come true. Fate willed that, despite the years and the different routes they chouse, their paths have led toghether again after learning in different schools and countries. They create acrometria, where they decide to integrate the experiences that each one carries in his backpack, sharing with each other and with the public everything that from small they wanted to be or communicate ... Winner of the Zirkolika Award 2012 as Emergent Company.
Los Excentricos are French or Catalan, it does not matter because their homeland is the earth. Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza have toured from England to China and Canada to Japan. Jugglers, musicians playing weird instruments like the musical saw, a mop-bass, concertinas bandoneon and ukuleles and also multilingual performers, this atypical trio gives new perspective to the art of clowning through a subtle mixture of classicism and modernism. Their shows are ripen with the complicity of the public and sharpened thanks to the stubbornness of three companions powered by a sublime desire: to keep the pot of laughter boiling. Their creations over the past 27 years, Miscellaneous, The Raft, Rhapsody in Clown, Musica Maestro and Rococo Bananas have toured the world. During 7 years they where part of the show Love, Chaos and Dinner at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle and San Francisco. They have created and directed the show CaVaret at theTeatro Circo Price in Madrid and Blues de Circ in Barcelona.