NAQBA, is a circus and dance show about the process of death in a war and the realtionships between the people
Foto Gna Aspa
PUGILATUS – ESCARLATA CIRCUS Robi and Luca are dead. Laurel and Hardy are here in body. Jekyll and Hyde have passed away. The clowns Auguste and White Face are knock-out (K.O.) They want to enjoy a death that tastes like iberian ham, that hurts as much as a good slap, that dances to the rhythm of the rumba and which produces the sensation of vertigo .... like a deathly piroutte. The clowns, men and women die so that they can distance themselves from life so as to see it, to remember it, to learn how to enjoy it.
Vicente, our main character, invites us kindly to his home, or perhaps we have entered without him taking any notice. Everything is completely ramshackle. Once inside, we see Vicente running his daily routine, but this everyday panorama has nothing to do with what we could expect. Immediately he starts living hallucinatory experiences that make us travel from laughter to tears with extreme delicacy. We will discover along with him, that he used to be a great artist; will it be today when he digs out all of those things that gave him so much success.
  What does it mean resist, keep, stay? What happens when the trapeze is a prolongation of the floor, and there is no differnce between this and the air? When walk, dance, fall could happen in any state, place or time. The trapeze lose his identity as element, the game grows and there is no rule or correct form. What happens when the body could not thing and is the instint who acts. The unic rule is to stay. How is possible to be in this state in scene? Wich are the games where this could happen?