Poetic humor. Without words.
"I have woven without chronological coherence to establish a place for play, to tell a tale without a story, to make circus without prowess. I want to share this space of transit and sojourn with you, persist in the pleasure of emotion, learning and experimenting in freedom."  Marcel Escolano
The Flamingo's
Los Herrerita present The Flamingo's are back, for the first time... Finally, after a lifetime of presenting the circus all over the world, The Flamingo's are coming back for the first time: ridiculous, rancid, outdated and of dubious good taste. Despite their experience, not only are they unable to spot true talent, but they are keen on keeping it hidden. Agreements and disagreements will make it so, as things unfold, the performance doesn't come to a halt and that's it...or is it?
Circ a les golfes
Circus in the attic is an entertaining, enjoyable participatory show aimed at audiences of all ages who are enabled to Discovery the different circus techniques. Guided by artists working for different professional circus companies, we can enjoy the opportunity to try doing trapeze, to walk on the wire or on the balancing ball, to ride a unicycle, to juggle rings, balls or pins and to rotate the dishes or the Chinese Diabolo. A circus workshop set in the attic of an old house where the junk piled up there provides material for installing the circus and free our imagination and creativity.
FLASH (Forces de la Llum Associació de Superherois)
Just when you thought you'd seen everything... You thought you'd seen everything… When you thought all was lost... When you thought that superheroes were just fiction... FLASH arrives! The Superhero Forces of Light Association is the solution you were waiting for. Five superheroes ready to go the extra mile to make your life easier. Enjoy the emotion, the circus, the show, the action, the music and the comedy as you dance amongst confetti and giant balloons. Come and be the star of this travelling super-party and enjoy pure adventure, live!
Fals gir 2
A vertical dance show that leads the spectator to take wing. Suitable for all audiences, Wrong Turn tells a story of fantasy and encounter through video projections and two characters: Sacu and Mica, beings that dream, dance, leap and fly - and the audience cannot help but fly with them.
A theatrical, highly visual, spectacular vertical dance show packed with dancing, height, flight and acrobatics.Tugiro tells a new story about the adventures of two characters: Sacu and Mica.  
Entre pinces
Emerging from the shower, he finds his guests in the dining-room, and is obliged to get dressed in the most extraordinary way, on a washing line, amongst clothes pegs. once dressed, he decides to turn the public into an orchestra, with himself as the conductor! Are you ready to see the impossible?
Risc narrates the relationship between a couple in the most unusual way, using audiovisual resources in a show without words. The piece mixes comedy and such circus acts as knife-throwing, whip cracking and superb acrobatics. All this, embodied in the most poetic language.
Little by little, the factory fell asleep. But Toti was still there, looking to see where everyone had gone. He was dragging a bag of rubbish that tied him to those times. Toti, a fly and a soul trapped in the movement of the machines were the only survivors of a time that had gone by.
Xicana is a female clown who wants to do magic, but always fails. She sees magic when there is none, and when there is actual magic she does not realise. She performs some magic tricks in which the most important thing is the journey, as well as audience participation.
Último, el baile
Último, el baile generates a new space for the meeting between dance and the circus, creating a new language to bring these disciplines to the spectator and presenting a fresh, entertaining show that reflects on what we call "moments of happiness". Defying gravity and its limits, the audience will join the performers in this journey, which is packed with characters, dance and music.
Tortell Poltrona, our universal clown, presents a fast-paced show packed with sketches that have gone down in history. A compilation of the finest numbers in Tortell Poltrona's rich repertoire.
Merci bien
A fresh, entertaining, warm, generous show combining acrobatics, Chinese pole, the most daring verticals, live music and many more surprises.  Sit down and enjoy these characters and their eccentric performance. See how they solve non-existent problems. Tonight's special guests can sit at the table of honour, experiencing the world the other way around and taking part in the big band's closing performance. A bubbling, exciting show in which words provide the music.
karoli l'Home Roda
Karoli, the Wheel Man An incombustible character. Professor Karoli travels around inside his motor driven single wheel, combining his wit and talent with a variety of stunt wheels, tall unicycles that have legs and feet, miniature bikes that are only 30, 20 and 10cm high and monocycles with 5 wheels. Karoli demonstrates his passion for wheels with this daring show. A visual family show suitable for all ages. More information www.karoli.com
8 minuts hand to hand show.
p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Skyscrapers, speakers, tic-tac,debauchery, risk. Inside, the office with the tie of everyday Outside, antics label sigh. We take a bite. What happens went the wolves come out to skate?L'eS3 a show for all public which combines several circus techniques with touches of humor and acrobatic dance.
Reparte amor
What would happen if we combined the riskiest circus techniques and the most virtous music in one circus ring?! You’ve already seen it? And what if we added an impressive red-head, with a fabulous voice and incredibly sexy with a gypsy acrobat with curls, sideburns and an insinuating moustache, with not only a wild body but also a marvelous guitar player?! You’ve already seen that too? OK, What if all this was performed vigorously, with rapture and a burning passion, without losing the purist style and glamour from Alicante, overflowing with love and all covered in pink?!
To try define the spectacle TABLEA; Experimental trip about a table, a suitcase and something more in the air. “ In a trip, the nicedmomentit is the intensity that one it sets to imagine, to dreaming it and to drawingit in the space” To count this trip, the use technical are: Dance, theatre of gesture, trapeze, silk and acrobacy.  
The Magomic Show
A Lovable Tramp... An Interactive Audience... An Unforgettable Encounter! A tender visual comedy full of magic and laughter. Directed by Gromic...and the magic of the moment! THE MAGOMIC SHOW is a comedy inspired by magicians and clowns First Pirce in the 23th Gauklerfest 2011 - Attendorn, Germany Nominated to the Ctalan Circus Awards 2011