El petit circ
The Little Circus is a show for children set in a circus atmosphere. The music plays, and the artistes in the circus ring show their skills, conducted by Mery, a really funny clown who, through songs and humour, helps us to understand certain words and expressions.
Un altre intríngulis
Chim poom, chim poom, chim poom... Achoo! Poom! Life fish in water, two clowns are trapped in the game of emotions. They want to put on a variety show in which anything can happen, one number after the other, or one number between numbers, or one number before the other. All in all, quite a mess! 
The train departs, and silence takes over the platform. Nothing left but to wait for the next service. Tick tock, tick tock... from waiting, boredom, and from boredom, fantasy. Imaginary characters and situations come to life. Dream worlds emerge from suitcases. Tick tock, tick tock. Keep calm.
El niu
An enigmatic being loaded with a wealth of objects just arrived, we do not know where he comes from or where he goes, and he may not know neither, but his presence will not leave us indifferent. A clown with soul bird captive us through his ingenuity and insight
A circus-theatre show that transports us to a strange circus, inspired by an aesthetic reminiscent of Jules Verne. Three anachronistic characters, halfway between reality and fiction, transform everyday objects into amazing artwork and speak their own language, Charabia. The scene gradually changes as the shopping trolley they are pushing turns into a circus ring, with its backdrop and band of musicians. Humour, music, balancing, physical theatre, juggling, dance? ...
After years of research in the world of entertainment, this show could be defined as the alchemy between the theatre and the circus. Two clowns blend different elements to create surprising moments. A highly imaginative show featuring magical turns and surprising juggling numbers.
Llenties i Marabú
Ludmila and Alfonso, two crazy characters with the fairground in their blood, welcome spectators to this small travelling circus theatre, where tenderness and danger live together. Come into the poetical world of gravity, give your imagination free rein. You are now in the clutches of pure emotion.
Devoris causa
A show steeped in the human-animal, circus and cannibal-greengrocer poetry of the three main characters in the story. Nothing is easy and nothing is what it seems. Everything is pure fiction of reality and everything is reality in fiction.
We are strong, confident, invincible beings. We build hard, eternal objects, impossible to break. But what happened to all the fragile objects? Those porcelain jars that were smashed just by looking at them? Where are the sensitive people? Those who showed themselves to be fragile before love or fell to pieces when confronted by their fear.
El corazón del ángel
Aerial choreography on a static trapeze. Inspired by Alan Parker's Angel Heart, the show features music from the film.
Vertical silk show. Inspired by the short story The House of Asterion, by Borges. Choreography accompanied by music of Arabic roots.
Maaàgia. La màgia de la senzillesa
The Magical Age of Gromic is upon us! A new master of magic has arrived on the world's stage! His powers are both spellbinding and endearingly comical! Through his tender and interactive performance, Gromic reveals the true magical powers hidden within us all! A comedy Inspired by Magic and Clowns!
A show featuring circus, clown and physical theatre. A clown and a DJ on stage in a performance in which surprise, imagination and music are the main ingredients. Visual, inventive, hilarious. Gag after gag leads us into a universe of fun and laughter.
The theatre has decided to take to the street. Theatre outside the theatre, theatre on wheels, theatre on a bicycle... The audience sits on the bicycle, thumb on the bell and, one, two, three, begins to pedal. The show has just begun and the doors to this tiny travelling cabaret are open.
(Ses) Altíssimes
Four fantastic characters wake up in a space of which they know nothing. From surprise, they pass to doubt, fascination and the joy of discovering people and places. This show takes its inspiration from the book The Secret Lives of Princesses, by Rébecca Dautremer and Philippe Lechermeier. Time to demystify princesses.
Entre pinces
Emerging from the shower, he finds his guests in the dining-room, and is obliged to get dressed in the most extraordinary way, on a washing line, amongst clothes pegs. once dressed, he decides to turn the public into an orchestra, with himself as the conductor! Are you ready to see the impossible?
Little by little, the factory fell asleep. But Toti was still there, looking to see where everyone had gone. He was dragging a bag of rubbish that tied him to those times. Toti, a fly and a soul trapped in the movement of the machines were the only survivors of a time that had gone by.
Xicana is a female clown who wants to do magic, but always fails. She sees magic when there is none, and when there is actual magic she does not realise. She performs some magic tricks in which the most important thing is the journey, as well as audience participation.
Último, el baile
Último, el baile generates a new space for the meeting between dance and the circus, creating a new language to bring these disciplines to the spectator and presenting a fresh, entertaining show that reflects on what we call "moments of happiness". Defying gravity and its limits, the audience will join the performers in this journey, which is packed with characters, dance and music.
Tortell Poltrona, our universal clown, presents a fast-paced show packed with sketches that have gone down in history. A compilation of the finest numbers in Tortell Poltrona's rich repertoire.