inTarsi  is the second creation of Compañía de Circo “eia”. His first show, CAPAS, has been touring across all Europe (12 countries, more than 150 performances) giving to this company the appreciation of the audience and the circus sector,  coming to win the City of Barcelona Award 2011 'for the risk undertaken in circus research and innovation ’’
Automatàrium is an installation inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In this installation, actors are located within individual booths made of wood and methacrylate (imitating the old buildings) and activated with coins that the audience inserts in a slot.
Who's who in the circus? Tandarica Circus Experience is a crazy unconventional circus that has no other animals than their own artists.After a lifetime doing their usual numbers, it's time to change. Classic or contemporary circus? We let you draw your own conclusions... A funny reflexion on stage that has only one goal: to kill you with laughter!
“What is in the empty space between two pieces that do not fit? A man and two women meet in a place. She sings. He climbs. She runs. Just a simple movement... and the game can start.” Esquerdes is a little story which combines aerial elements, acrobatic ladder and live music through three moving bodies, in a game between the desire and the escape.
Little by little, the factory fell asleep. But Toti was still there, looking to see where everyone had gone. He was dragging a bag of rubbish that tied him to those times. Toti, a fly and a soul trapped in the movement of the machines were the only survivors of a time that had gone by.
A burlesque cradle and Chinese pole performance. Looking for the ideal partner, handsome Tony will choose a “poor volunteer” to make his craziest dreams come true. Aerial cradle or Chinese pole, everything is possible in seductive Tony’s arms! An astonishing theatrical and aerial performance mixing humour, extravagance and sensations to a disco beat.
Devoris causa
A show steeped in the human-animal, circus and cannibal-greengrocer poetry of the three main characters in the story. Nothing is easy and nothing is what it seems. Everything is pure fiction of reality and everything is reality in fiction.
Atempo is a musical drawing, an unreal space, a no-man's-land in which four characters meet. There, they share fragments from two realities, one everyday, the other magical. They know each other... but they do not remember. Music will be the key to communication amongst them.
El petit circ
The Little Circus is a show for children set in a circus atmosphere. The music plays, and the artistes in the circus ring show their skills, conducted by Mery, a really funny clown who, through songs and humour, helps us to understand certain words and expressions.
Xicana is a female clown who wants to do magic, but always fails. She sees magic when there is none, and when there is actual magic she does not realise. She performs some magic tricks in which the most important thing is the journey, as well as audience participation.
Starting from a series of everyday life actions taken from female imaginary, we meet three characters with three different stories, and they all reach the stage where we will immediately recognize ourselves through their actions.
We are strong, confident, invincible beings. We build hard, eternal objects, impossible to break. But what happened to all the fragile objects? Those porcelain jars that were smashed just by looking at them? Where are the sensitive people? Those who showed themselves to be fragile before love or fell to pieces when confronted by their fear.
Aprendre, començar a perdre
This show proposes a poetic reading of the human process in circus creation, whether contemporary or traditional, suggesting certain metaphors for the beings that generate it and their necessarily physical relationship with themes such as fear, pain, tiredness, desire and risk.
The train departs, and silence takes over the platform. Nothing left but to wait for the next service. Tick tock, tick tock... from waiting, boredom, and from boredom, fantasy. Imaginary characters and situations come to life. Dream worlds emerge from suitcases. Tick tock, tick tock. Keep calm.
Último, el baile
Último, el baile generates a new space for the meeting between dance and the circus, creating a new language to bring these disciplines to the spectator and presenting a fresh, entertaining show that reflects on what we call "moments of happiness". Defying gravity and its limits, the audience will join the performers in this journey, which is packed with characters, dance and music.
The connecting subject that takes us through the different situations of the Greek myth is a red thread. This thread allows us to weave and tear apart a tapestry where Penèlope enjoys sharing with us the most tender and poetic situations of her wait, as well as the most absurd and comic ones.
A show featuring circus, clown and physical theatre. A clown and a DJ on stage in a performance in which surprise, imagination and music are the main ingredients. Visual, inventive, hilarious. Gag after gag leads us into a universe of fun and laughter.
In situ
Boni's first work, a compilation of his own anecdotes and experiences, narrating the travels of a character who, despite his skill at handling artifacts of all kinds, wants to become a star on the music scene.
A circus-theatre show that transports us to a strange circus, inspired by an aesthetic reminiscent of Jules Verne. Three anachronistic characters, halfway between reality and fiction, transform everyday objects into amazing artwork and speak their own language, Charabia. The scene gradually changes as the shopping trolley they are pushing turns into a circus ring, with its backdrop and band of musicians. Humour, music, balancing, physical theatre, juggling, dance? ...
Circus Klezmer
In an Eastern European village, neither near nor far, in a time that is neither now nor before, nor after, a great banquet is being prepared. The excited village people move here and there, performing acrobatics and many other circus acts: this is a very special day.