“STEP“, Acrobàcia, swing i malabars
Mr Mambo and Mrs Maraca are two intrepid characters that they find themselves in any place of somewhere. It’s a show where the public becomes accomplice of this funny story between two characters, that with his contagious dance and his frenzied acrobatics, they will all become true heirs of rhythm. Moments full of emotions, smiles, surprises, dances, acrobatics, juggling and applause. Street performance suitable and recommended for anyone who is in any place, though at the time indicated.
Acrometria, an area where three people find themselves trapped, abandoned by a sometimes nonexistent reality, no one knows when, or if, one day they will escape ... Between them, they create new human geometries to survive, a new language understand what is around them, accepting the existence of infinite realities. A triangle created by people abandoned by the world, where merge silent points, mysterious perpendicular, infinite circles, in the middle of nowhere ...
The character of "Camilo Fireman" plays with a particular fire and he ends becoming a fireman in truth, helped by children and adults who are also part of this show full of humour and fantasy. Camilo has created a hilarious, slightly crazy and active show using different clown techniques which make us enjoy, once again, Camilo and his love towards his job.
Living brings its layers, of growing, learning and sharing. Travel in all its forms... action, interaction, existence. Welcome to our homes, their smells, sounds of memory, and the roots from which we come, the lives that have built and will build us to be what we are and will be. A return to our origins, where we open the doors to our secrets and our worlds, delving through the layers which clothe our stories. Welcome to our circus!