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Invisibles is a great circus show that breaks the traditional patterns of the search for a show in which the excellence of the exercises is subordinated to the poetics of space and movement ", Santi Fontdevila, for Diari Ara.

The show

Each one of us flee from loneliness, problems, darkness, from fear. They are personal, interior escapes. But some of them are also tangible, visible. We flee from hunger and wars, violence and death. We flee to live, looking for a better future.

We talk about escaping through circus and music. We tell the stories that many people have lived and make us where we are, and who we are.

Invisibles is made up of six artists living and merging music and circus in a show where we can see trapeze, guitar, balancing ladder, sax, German wheel, percussion and Korean cradle, all linked in a contemporary dramaturgy for all audiences .

Invisibles has been presented at the Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris during 28 performances in the 2016-2017 season, running of tiquets every day. The critics and the public have supported the show feeling it as a show full of emotions and with a nowadays message.




    Joan Arqué and Joan Ramon Graell




    Static Trapeze , Acrobatics with (circus )apparatus, Other acrobatics with (circus )apparatus, Balancing, Free Ladder, Other specialties, Drama,


    For all audiences







  • CAST

    Stage management : Joan Arqué and Joan Ramon Graell

    Artists: Deborah Cobos (Debi), Jordi Serra, Tomeu Amer, Griselda Juncà, Blai Juanet and Marc Sastre

    Music: Blai Juanet and Marc Sastre

    Set & poster: Roger Orra

    Costume: Rosa Lugo

    Lighting & video efects: Adrià Pinar

    Production: Ateneu Popular 9 Barris 


    60 min




    TECHNICAL RIDER Indoor show All audiences Length: 1h Assembly: 1 day before the show The company: - Artistic team: 6 people - Technical team: 3 people (lighting technician, sound technician and rigger) Set: o Width: 14m (from wall to wall) o If the width is smaller, please contact us o Ring doors: 10m o Minimum height: 7m o Floor: without slope, smooth, hard and horizzontal surface and preferably wood made Circus devices FIXED TRAPEZE, VERTICAL ROPE AND SAFETY BELT o We build the set with a 6m width truss brought by the company (height: min. 6m, max. 9m) o 2 grid points of 1.000kg CMU o 4 cradle points of 500daN (for strainers) on the wall, bridge or land (depending on distances) KOREAN CRADLE o We need 4 cradle points of 500daN (for strainers) on wall, or land (depending on distances) o It might be done as well with weights (water, concrete) — in this case we'll need 1.000kg for each point MACHINERY AND BLACK BOX o We bring 4 back curtains that can be played with movement and can desappear o For the back curtains 1, 2 & 3 we bring 6m bars o Back curtain 4, hung on the theater's back bar o Legs, curtain border and theater backdrop o Depending on the aerial & circus elements place and set o It is possible as well not to set up the black box in case it suits us in a aesthetically way SOUND o Sound equipment correctly sized to the characteristics of the room and with uniform coverage throughout the public area o Sound table with 24 channels minimum with 4 auxiliary o 1 AKG 112 o 3 SENNH 604 o 1 SHURE 57 o 1 SHURE 58 o 2 AKG 414 o 1 DI BSS o 1 SM 58 o 1 AKG C1000 o 4 AKG 391 o 1 Sennheiser wireless system "Petaca" + instrument o 1 Shure Solapa system o Hose stage by each platform 10-15m (the music set moves) LIGHTING We can send the lighting general map that fits in Ateneu 9Barris stage, but it can be adapted to other stages. VIDEO We need 1 projector of, minimum, 4.000 lumens ASSEMBLY, DISASSEMBLY AND REHERSAL Lighitng, video, rigging and set assembly will be done the day before the 1st performance. If this is not possible, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about all possible adaptations. OTHER NEEDS o Parquing for 2 vans. o Dressing room with: tables, seats, iron machine, W.C. and showers for 9 people o Mineral water for 9 people, during the assembly, show and disassembly NOTE FOR THE TECHNICAL TECHNICIAN: We can adapt the show to any space. Do not hesitate to contact us. CONTACT ATENEU POPULAR 9 BARRIS · Calle Portlligat 11-15 - 08042 Barcelona Tlf.: +34 93 353 95 16 · http://www.ateneu9b.net Guillem Pizarro · produccio@ateneu9b.net · 659 84 65 20