Garbuix de l'Ateneu Popular 9 Barris

Javier Casado


20th Circ d'Hivern - Garbuix


A garbuix. An imbroglio. Delight and enthrallment. Five women, five countries and a many languages. Laughter aplenty. Bagfuls

Music, shouting, words and silence. And a bag.

Adults, kids, grandparents, the whole family will have a good time. A bicycle. More bags. Bedlam. No story.

Pure fun and games. Unending. And a bear?

They string themselves up, pull and catch each other before falling. And laugh. Energy, always more energy. Bagfuls.

No time to lose: Let’s have fun!


Whoever you are, wherever you come from, this show is for you!




    Guillem Albà & Alberto Feliciate


    Bárbara Martín




    Static Trapeze , Flying Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Cycling, Hand Balancing, Clown, Other specialties, Other genres, Drama,


    For all audiences







  • CAST

    Direction: Guillem Albà i Alberto Feliciate // Artists: Lola Ruiz, Serena Vione, Juana Beltrán, Jessica Arpin i Jessica Martín // Music: Clara Peya // Choreography: Bárbara Martín // Costumes: Roberta Petit // Lighting desing: Oriol Ibáñez i Ignasi Solé // Production: Ateneu Popular 9 Barris


    55 min


    Outdoor, Indoor,


    Setting up: 1 day before the show The company: - Artistic team: 5 persons - Technical team: 2 persons (light technician and circus rigger) Scenical space o Width: 14m (from wall to wall for swinging trapeze) o If the width is shorter please contact us. o Depth: 10m o Height: 8m o Floor: without inclination, smooth, hard and horizontal (wood and marley floors are ideal) o Black box o Legs, borders and back curtain:  Depending on the position of the aerial circus elements and of the scenography  It is an option not to set up a black box if aesthetically it does not convene Circus apparatus SWINGING TRAPEZE o For the trapeze bar (height of bar: min 6m / max 9m) o 2 points at the grid of 1000kg WLL (1m of separation) o 4 anchor points of 500kg WLL (for the tensors) to the wall, to a point or to the ground (depending on the distances) o For the security rope o 1 heightened point (at grid, point or wall) of 500kg WLL o 1 floor point of 500kg WLL CHINESE POLE 6 m high pole o 3 anchor points of 500 kg WLL o Floor or wall (the height depends on the distance of the points) FIX TRAPEZE and VERICAL ROPE We will install a 9metre wide box truss that the company can bring (height: min 6m / max 9m) o 3 points at the grid of 1000kg WLL o 4 anchor points of 500kg WLL (for the tensors) to the wall, to a point or to the floor (depending on the distances) We will need a working ladder, during the show and rehearsals, for the entrance of the vertical rope Machinery o We need a 9m bar in the front of the stage, to attach three systems to make the pillows fall. With a maximum weight of 75kg divided throughout the bar (25kg each system) o We need a second bar, in the middle or back stage to hang another system for the fall of the pillows. With a total weight of 25kg o The discharging is made with a rope from stage right Sound o Sound equipment correctly adapted to the characteristics of the room and with a uniform coverage in the whole audience zone. o Mixer with minimum 6 canals o 4 jack entrances o 1 XLR to connect the Pedal Loop Station (on stage) o 2 auxiliary independent outputs for the monitors on stage o 1 D.I. (stage) o 1 SHURE SM 58 mike, with canon-jack cable for pedal input o 1 mike stand o 1 CD reproducer with auto-pause o The company travels with its own computer and sound card Light A plan is sent here attached (it corresponds to the set up created at the Ateneu Popular 9 Barris theatre. We will adapt to the performance space Set up, set down and rehearsals The setting up of the lights, rigging and scenography is done the day before the 1st show. If this is not possible, please contact us so we can find other solutions. Other necessities o Parking for two vans o Dressing rooms with: tables, chairs, ironing board, toilets and showers for 7 persons o Mineral water for 7 persons during set up, shows and set down. pdf


    Music: Clara Peya // Costumes: Roberta Petit // Lighting desing: Oriol Ibáñez i Ignasi Solé // Production: Ateneu Popular 9 Barris