La Troca was founded in Girona in 2001 as a performing arts production company. From the start, the company sought to establish alliances with other groups, performers and creative artists to develop projects, with a view to joining ideas, talent and resources. La Troca found itself at the same creative point as the company Estampades, formed by members from the now dissolved company: the need to create a new, visual, physical, mould-breaking street show.
Puça Espectacles is an art consultancy company devoted to managing and providing artistic services and producing shows. Established in 2004, the enterprise benefitted from the experience of the theatre company Ínfima La Puça in the world of entertainment and culture since 1979. The shows that Puça Espectacles currently promotes include the company´s own works, as well as coproductions with other companies. Amongst the latter are the shows Cíclicus, coproduced with Cíclicus, and Cíclic, produced in cooperation with Laitrum Teatre.
Twenty years presenting shows characterised by their own, personal language. Working with different genres, such as the circus, physical theatre, sound, onomatopoeia, magic, etc., they generate a universe full of witty, irreverent humour, characterised by simplicity. All this is illustrated by such shows as Katraska, A Hawai, Microglophone, Mimix, Soliloqui and Físi-c.
A self-taught artist who skilfully blends humour and wheels, Professor Karoli describes himself as a circus collector. This definition needs no explanation, for Karoli is an artist bent on accumulating experiences, seeking here, there and everywhere, investigating different techniques, different ways of understanding the circus. After starting his professional career in 1982, Karoli co-founded Boni i Caroli, a duo that travelled around the world to perform their shows. Later, these two artists went their separate ways, and the “C´ of Caroli became a “K´.
Fura is the creator and performer of various aerial choreographies. Based on her mastery of circus and air movement techniques, she has presented several shows at circus, dance and theatre festivals in Europe, Asia and America. Trained in Paris and Canada, Fura has developed her solo artistic career for eighteen years, occasionally teaming up with other artists and companies such as La Fura dels Baus and Lluís Llach.
Mechanical movements based on natural models, articulated beasts that surprise due to their natural quality and give off a feeling of life that contrasts with the materials used to make them. The group encourages visitors to engage with their installations through sensors that interact with the animals, creating a human-machine language. Entertainment and fun in an atmosphere infused with science fiction and surprises due to the emotions generated. These are the key goals for this company as its members create unique organic movements.
The circus encapsulates everything: risk, constant surprise, tumbling, laughing at everything through fear of emptiness, the wholeness of tears and the noise of the audience. The noise that answers the questions about your life, your very existential experience in this trade which has chosen us. “And for my next trick´ is a phrase wrapped in daring and provocation in our imaginations, less death leap than epicentre of the risk entailed in all creative work. Escarlata Circus seeks neither safety nets, nor marks, nor trends, nor labels.
Los Excentricos are French or Catalan, it does not matter because their homeland is the earth. Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza have toured from England to China and Canada to Japan. Jugglers, musicians playing weird instruments like the musical saw, a mop-bass, concertinas bandoneon and ukuleles and also multilingual performers, this atypical trio gives new perspective to the art of clowning through a subtle mixture of classicism and modernism. Their shows are ripen with the complicity of the public and sharpened thanks to the stubbornness of three companions powered by a sublime desire: to keep the pot of laughter boiling. Their creations over the past 27 years, Miscellaneous, The Raft, Rhapsody in Clown, Musica Maestro and Rococo Bananas have toured the world. During 7 years they where part of the show Love, Chaos and Dinner at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle and San Francisco. They have created and directed the show CaVaret at theTeatro Circo Price in Madrid and Blues de Circ in Barcelona.
The company PSiRC was founded in March of 2011. It's the embodiment of what is inside of each of its members, is a dream come true. Fate willed that, despite the years and the different routes they chouse, their paths have led toghether again after learning in different schools and countries. They create acrometria, where they decide to integrate the experiences that each one carries in his backpack, sharing with each other and with the public everything that from small they wanted to be or communicate ... Winner of the Zirkolika Award 2012 as Emergent Company.
Duo Laos is composed of Mercedes and Pablo. These two Argentine artists are dedicated to perform a hand to hand acrobatic duo. Both sharing the passion for this discipline of circus that combines strength, flexibility and precision. Duo Laos has performed in various international stages, offering a quality and style show looking for the excitement and surprise of the viewer.
CAMILO CLOWN, nombre SAVERIO apellido ABATE Turin, Italia 26/07/1975  +33 769495235  Francés  +34 600492625 Español - EXPERIENCIA LABORAL, Festivales de teatro, calle y circo desde el ultimo:  International StreetFestival, Istanbul, (Turquía) AVIGNON OFF, Avignon (Francia) Festivalmirabilia, Fossano (Italia) Internationaal Promotiefestival Circus, Ypres (Bélgica)                                    Mostra Mercato di Pisogne, Brescia (Italia)  Gaukler-Festival Koblenz, Alemania Marina Street Festival, Dubai  Pallassos al Parc “Festival Internacional De Pallassos”, Cornellà (Barcelona)  Festival International des Arts de la Rue BASTID'Art, Miramont de Guyenne (Francia)  Conka Street, Cuenca (España)  Fes+Chapeau Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona (España)  Bourse Suisse aux Spectacles, Thun (Suiza)  The 2015 Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Harbin (China),  performance “Upside Down” (camino cabeza abajo a 10m de altura del suelo)  Muestra internacional de payasos de Xirivella, Valencia (España)  Fira Tàrrega, Lérida  (España)  Entrepayasaos, Zaragoza (España)  Festus Torelló, Barcelona (España)  The 2013 China International Circus Festival Nanchang (China),  performance “Upside Down” (camino cabeza abajo a 10m de altura del suelo)  Umore Azoka Leioa, Bilbao (España)  GIB FRINGE FESTIVAL Gibraltar Mim’Off Périgueux (Francia)  Fira AlterNativa Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona, España)  Nusos de dansa i circ Barcelona - Ateneu de NouBarris  Reperkusión Allariz (Ourense) Galicia (España)  Mercateatre Barcelona (España)  Marató de l’Espectacle Barcelona (España)  The Malta Arts Festival República de Malta  Festival Circpau Barcelona (España)  Napoli Strit Festival – Napoli (Italia)  Convivio dei Guitti Torino (Italia)  On The Road Busker Festival Pelago (Italia)  Santa Sofia Busker Festival – Forlì (Italia)  Teatro del Mare Roseto degli Abruzzi (Italia)  La Luna Nel Pozzo Caorle (Italia)  Lucania Busker Festival Stigliano (Italia) Tengo varios numeros de clown y tres especataculos de clown: “CamilOlympics” dirección Camilo clown y ojo exterior Adrian Schvarzstein “DRiiiNG!!! chiamando Camilo…” dirección Adrian Schvarzstein y Camilo clown  “Camilo pompiere” (calle) dirección Camilo clown y ojo exterior Adrian Schvarzstein FORMACIÓN ACADÉMICA Es desde el 1992 que estudio arte de clown con los mejores maestros. Renato Giuliani, italiano, director de escena, clown:  - he frequentado dos cursos de teatro. Philip Radice, americano, director y clown, director de Atelier Teatro Fisico: - he frequentado dos cursos de clownerie y uno de acrobatica.  Jango Edwards, americano, director y clown:  - he frequentado un curso de clownerie. Mauro Della Rocca, italiano, zancudo, director de ʻTeatro Carillonʼ  (compañia de teatro de calle de artistas zancudos):  - he frequentado un curso de zancos; - he trabajado como clown y zancudo en su compañia. Sergio Chiricosta, italiano, musico jazz, profesor de trombon:  - es mi profesor de trombon jazz en Turin. Jef Johnson, americano, clown del Cirque du Soleil:  - he frequentado un laboratorio intensivo de clown. José Antonio Delgado García, español, performer:  - he frequentado “Curs d'introducció a la performance”.  Johnny Melville, escocés, director, clown y mimo:  - he frequentado un curso en improvisacion.  Fabrizio Paladin, italiano, actor, director:  - he frequentado un workshop de Commedia dell'Arte.  Paolo Nani, italiano, clown y director: - hice el workshop “BUSQUEDA DE MI ESPECTACULO”. Cia. Kamchàtka, compañia teatral de Barcelona:  - he frequentado el workshop “MIGRAR”.  Gardi Hutter, suiza, clown, directora:  - he frequentado un laboratorio intensivo de clown. Avner the Eccentric, americano, clown, director:  - he frequentado un laboratorio intensivo de clown. Peter Shub, americano, clown, director: - he frequentado un laboratorio intensivo de clown. Septiembre 2006 GANADOR Casting Clown Cirque Du Soleil (Barcelona) Noviembre 2011 GANADOR Casting Clown Cirque Du Soleil (Madrid) ACTOR - Publicidad y Peliculas. He grabado 8 anuncios de publicidad y he partecipado en una pelicula  española. Anuncios: COSTA CROCIERE – MAXIBON NESTLÉ – DONUTS – VIVUS – NISSAN DAYZ – SAN MIGUEL - NESTLÉ – REALE SEGUROS Pelicula: “TENGO GANAS DE TI” Director Fernando González Molina Doy clase de clownerie, zancos, acrobatica y cuerda floja. IDIOMAS Italiano - primera lengua Inglés – Bueno Español – Optimo Francés – Bueno Catalàn – Bueno   CARNET B - A Mi espectaculos son por todos los ninos y adultos desde todo el mundo...  Mi espectaculos son de clownerie autentica y romantica, clownerie a lo estado puro...  Son para todos, sin distincione de edad, sexo, raza, nacionalidad y religion.  
Acrobatics, balances, jumps challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulation and a high dose of humor and wits integrate “Collage´. A trampoline show plenty of fun for all ages and public presented by the catalan company BotProject.
My creations are an infinit re-interpretation of the circle.    Reaching to narrative threads with simple, necessary, and intuitive physical actions released from any inmediate commitment of translation.  By using the intimate and personal matter, the relation I have with circus arts, my vision of the world, without the need to wear the fuzzy skin of a character or the obligation to tell a story or facts, I feel that I must deliver a live experience, a ritual, where all sahdows of reason are banned. 
No Barriers Exist Among Audiences Through the Magic of Visual Comedy...WELCOME TO THE GROMIC'S WORLD! Comic, inspired by the magic's world and the clown's arts