Germán Villavicencio, born in the city of Santiago de Chile in 1984. In 2002 he began his formative period in the circus school "Circo del mundo" in the city of Santiago de Chile. From 2003 to 2007 he toured Latin America participating in dozens of circus conventions. He specializes in juggling and clown techniques. In 2008 he arrived in Spain with his first show "La Carcajada Mágica" with which he toured the north of Spain and the Canary Islands. In 2013 he wins his first international award in "Rue artists festival" in the city of Vevey in Switzerland, with his show "The Herock" with which he has won 5 international awards at festivals (Russia, Ecuador, Chile, Germany, Switzerland), he has participated in more than 60 festivals in 30 countries. In 2015 he arrives in Barcelona, teaching clown workshops and street shows, in different cultural centers of the city, he is also part of the APCC / association of circus professionals of Catalonia), Director of Crossing arte Production (company in charge of organizing festivals in Europe), he is part of the Bonita (Cooperative of artists in Catalonia), and active member of the cultural fabric of the city, performing in dozens of self-managed cultural centers, cultural centers, festivals and private events. Since 2015 he lives in Barcelona.  
La Kanija is an emerging circus company that combine the stunts between the masts with live music. It is made up by Carlos Francos Peré '' LaKabraloka '' and Andrés Varo Sanmartí, two lifelong friends who are reunited with a creative need and an impulse to break with everything established. We are currently starting with "PROHIBIDO", a 10 minute piece that talks about risk, fear and safety.
The Panettone Brothers Company is a company that we have formed in both the physical theater and the circus, resulting in a multidisciplinary work taken both to the street and to the theater. Within our professional trajectory it is possible to emphasize our passage by the Amusement park of the Tibidabo of Barcelona, ​​with the spectacle of closing "The troupe of circus" (2002-2009), the participation in the Grec Festival of Barcelona and the Maria Guerrero Theater of Madrid with the work 'Questi Fantasmi' of La Perla 29 Company directed by Oriol Broggi (2010), the clown show 'Don't go mom!' with the 'La Red Ball' collective at the Café Teatro Llantiol (2011) -2013) and the "Cabaret Café Valparaiso" in the Almazen room (2012-2014). In these years we have also created our own productions such as the shows '2d2', 'Only Brother', 'Ramírez, a survivor of the twentieth century', the parade 'El Tamador de Peces'. We have been to festivals such as the 1,2,3 Clown of Tiana (2009), Clown Festival of Xirivella (2104), Al Carrer de Viladecans (2106), Festival de la Muga (2014 and 2017) and the International Festival of clowns of Cornellà (2018). Panettone Brothers are partners of the APCC (Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia) and regular collaborators of the Clowns Without Borders NGO, having participated in expeditions in Côte d'Ivoire (2009), Mozambique (2010), Lebanon (2011), Greece ( 2016) and Colombia (2018).
Animal Religion is a circus, music and contemporary dance company. His last pieces are inspired by the animal world and the temptation of transcendence. A subtle and delicate context that allows the public to glimpse their wild side and connect with it. And the artist subtly introduces us to an animal world, drives us and encourages to the wildest and most illogical, and in this way it illuminates the strange routines of our everyday lives.
Som Noise is an emerging contemporary circus company based in Barcelona which creates its own dramaturgies composing live music, spaces and movement. The team is conformed by Vivian Friedrich (director, author and dramaturg), Matias Muñoz (author, performer and musician - electric drums and soundscapes), Thais Julià (author and performer - aerial rope and performance art) and Laura Cardona (producer).
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Deux à la Tâche was born in 2012 to create a circus-theatrical project based on the concept of art as humanity, of action as a universal language, of theater as an "organic relationship" with the Audience. A project based on the power of laughter as a means to reach people in a direct and effective way. Deux à la Tâche is Physical Comedy, it's Magic, it is Humor.  
Bucraá Circus is a company of contemporary clown and gestural theatre, created by Pau Palaus and Fer Catastrofer at the beginning of 2018. After an expedition of social circus with Contaminando Sonrisas (whose association in Pau is the founder, president and active collaborator) in the Sahrawi refugee camps of Tindouf, and having made a few improvisations together there that seemed to captivate the public, we say that these connections do not always happen and here the adventure of creating the company began.
Cia. Pau Palaus is a company of clown and gesture theater created in 2014, before under the name of Contaminando Sonrisas. The beginnings were mostly social, creating the association where they also included the professional part, and going to work in places in conflict such as refugee camps, borders, prisons, orphanages ... With Contaminando Sonrisas, we have traveled to the 5 continents to places such as refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, the Sahara, Thailand (Burma), Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Noza Zeeland ...
The company is grouped in March 2013 with the aim to play circus with live music under the "table wine" concept: good company and good traditional food in a warm atmosphere. Balances, music and visual poetry.
Company created by Mon Mató and Maria Palma in 2015. It was born as a result of the desire to do things together and to investigate in the partner acrobatics and teeterboard univers. One of the main objectives as circus artists is to investigate to find our own language. Our way of understanding the movement and the scene pull us to explore our personal characteristics, which will allow us to define and bring an imaginary to the audience.
"Originality consists of returning to the origin" - Joan Català - Circus dreamer          
  The company " Le cirque perdu " was created in France in 2005 with the desire to create circus shows mixing different arts, as theater and dance. We created with Jos Houben and Emily Wilson the first creation with circus and commedia dell'arte mask..and then we created Pista Flamenca mixing silks and flamenco dance with live musicians on stage( Isaac vigueras, Joaquín Cortés, el duende, Maria del Mar Fuentes...) We toured in circus festivals in the west part of France and flamenco festivals in the South. At the same time we have created our  audience doing circus and dance workshops for children. Now the company has moved to Barcelona part of the year, in order to create a new network for our shows.The last creation is named Flamenclown, locura flamenca ( the title in French is Quiproquo Flamenco).  
Nacho Ricci Argentinian circus artist trained in aerial rope, he grow up in México where he meet  circus, at 23 years old he finished his circus study in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently he lives in Barcelona “As one of the figures of the aerial rope” In his carrer he participed in th e "35º Festival Mundial de Cirque de Demain” taking the special jury prize with his act   “Aquí, ahora”. 
The company was born in 2010 with an idea of Pasquale Marino. Each artistic project is the result of the collaboration between different artists interested in developing the language and the poetics of contemporary clown for all audiences.
The collective La Persiana is a group of artists whose objective is to reaffirm and dignify the art of being an artist. Acrobats trained in schools around the world such as Brussels, Lima or London. They want to print a cooperative character in their art. THE GOOD THINGS ARE TO SHARE THEM
Guga & Silvia are a artistic couple with more than 20 years of experience. Separately, each one has participated in a different circus companies as Los Galindos, La familia Ramirez + Boni, Circ Cric, Circo Zanni among others. In 2005 they created the circus company Los Gingers with which they have participated in different European and International Festivals with the show "Perlas y Plumas", and they received the following prizes: • Award for best show at the Festival Internacional Umore Azoka 2006 in Leioa, Spain. • Audience Award at the Festival Arca’06 in Aguilar de Campo, Spain. • Award for Best Street Show at the Festival de Teatro de Ciudad Rodrigo 2006, Spain. • Audience Award at the Festival Va de Call in Loja 2008, Spain. In 2014 performed with Silvia Compte  the act  “Guga, The King of acrobatics” in GOP Bad Oeynhausen, Essen and Munster  in Germany  in the Chaos Royal show. Also they participated in the Internationales Varieté Festival in Germany, in Fira de Circ de Reus, Virada Cultural, season in Circo Zanni and the Teatro Municipal de São Paulo- Brasil among others. Christmas season de in Circus Boxtalino en Bélgica 2017. In 2017 they participated on the X  International Circus Festival of Albacete in Spain and they do a season with the Gran Circo Mundial. Christmas season in Weihnachts Circus Trier in Germany 2018. Winners of the Bronce prize on the VII Festival de Màgia i Circ de Catalunya 2018.
Circus-theater company  created by Camille Grob y Miguel Orea en 2007. The company mixes circus, dance, geste's theater and music. His aerial show are versatile; trapeze, tissue, rope and integrates a corrigraphic work on the ground. In the ditectory of the company there are also show of hand balancing mixeswith dance and geste's teater. the company has his head quarters in Barcelona.  
Circ Vermut is a company from Mataró, they are part of Cronopis, a circus place to training, create and with a little school Circ vermut are two artist; David Candelich and Jordi Mas. With the absurd jokes and the circus disciplines they performed at lots of festivals and cities, mostly on Catalunya. they performed on la fira de la Bisbal de l'Empordà, el Trapezi de Reus, festival curtcirckit de Montgat, and their show it can be seen on Teatre Nacional de Catalunya( maig 2018) the most important theater in Catalunya